We Need Your Help.

Hey Besties! We want to make sure we are making your shopping experience as convenient, affordable, fun and tailored to your needs as it could be, but we can't do that without you. We've created a customer survey that will be available for one week. All we ask is for your honesty. As a thank you were giving away (1)$25 Amazon Gift Card and a Pretty Hearts Dress to one participant.

Start The Survey
Why is this survey so important?

Lexington and Gray is a customer driven business. We can't do what we do, without our customers. It's important to us that we take the time to hear what our customers have to say about our business, products and their experiences with us. This bi-annual survey allows us to stay connected with our customers and to find out how we can best serve them.

Do I Have To Participate?

Absolutely not. This is a voluntary survey.

What will it cost me?

This survey is 100% free

Okay I did the survey, now what?

We will be looking at all the responses over the next few weeks. We wish we could grant everyones wishes and implement all the suggestions but we can't. However, we will be able to make changes to our business, products and/or shopping experiences based off the responses. Be on the look out in your email and our social media channels as we announce the changes that were inspired by your responses.