Lexington and Gray's Story

Two best friends, Taylor and Courtney founded Lexington and Gray as a solution to plus and mid size women’s struggle to find boutiques that catered to them, as well as the small-large sized women. It is our mission to have a curated collection for women sizes 0-24 at the center of a customer driven online shopping experience. With a touch of western inspiration, bring out your inner Midwest Cowgirl style with a collection of fashion forward trends as well as elevated casual clothing and accessories. Shopping at Lexington and Gray is more than a adding new clothing to your closet. Join our email list and connect to our social media where our customers are not only seen, but heard, and supported in shopping experiences. We love to hear feedback, comments and concerns our customers may have when shopping in the fashion industry so we can learn how best to support them. Lexington and Gray was created by women for women just like you. It's time to finally enjoy your online shopping experience. Don't worry, we've got you.


  • Courtney Russell


    Unlike Taylor I never grew up wanting to be in the fashion world. I will say I grew up being plus size most of my teenage/adult life and shopping was always a nightmare. I never wanted to shop with my friends, because I would have a rack in the very back of the store, while all my friends would be able to shop the entire store. As I got older I became more comfortable in my skin, and want other women to also become comfortable in theirs. I started to think what could I do to help. And this is how Lexington and Gray was thought of. With Taylor's expertise in fashion, and both sharing a passion of women of all sizes being treated fairly with the same options. The best part of all this is doing with my my best friend!

  • Taylor Stemle


    At the age of 15, I started my first job in the retail world. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a fashion designer. Retail, was the best I can do as a teenager in Indianapolis. Back then I believed that fashion was more than just clothing, or a way to protect ourselves from the elements. Clothing can take a bad mood and change it into baddie energy. Every single woman deserves to feel that energy, if only for a day. I still feel this way. Maybe even more as a mom in her 30's than I did back as a teen. Lexington and Gray is my chance to not only design, but to build a brand that connects with women on a more personal level along side my best friend.